Egg Nog, Christmas Tree by Demeter {Holiday Shopping Ideas - $20 or Less} {New Perfume}



Demeter who want to put the whole world in fragrance bottles continue to expand their fragrance library with the addition of a season's favorite, Egg Nog. If you are looking for stocking stuffers or home fragrances to olfactorily "decorate" your house for the holidays, you can check Egg Nog and Christmas Tree. One might ask, "why bother to add a layer of the scents that already exist in the room?".......


You could decide that a Christmas tree never diffuses well enough and could use a little help or that you want all the rooms in your house to smell of a fir tree or alternatively to take it to your bathroom (bath and shower gel) etc.

Egg Nog: you can't just hold your cup of beverage and sniff it because it is meant to be drunk and as a repeat of the above you can't carry your egg nog all over the place to scent other rooms. A relative can't have Egg Nog for health reasons? Try this sugar-free, fat-free alternative.

They are available as personal scents and room sprays and in bath and body products. Price is $14 for a  4 oz. home spray and $5 for a 1/2 oz. "Humongous Mini".

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