Merry Christmas! - Caron Nuit de Noël (1922) Advert, 1928 {Scented Images}

Caron Nuit de Noël Advert, 1928

One of the most beautiful perfume ads ever: the flow of the garland, ribbon, and tassel all align suggesting lushness, richness, and elegant nonchalance as well as a subliminal cornucopia shape. The black and white contrast done in quasi religious chiaro-oscuro tones reflects the introspective qualities of the scent well. The image is even a bit haloed; the perfume and the decorations glow as if a pristine white light were shining through stained glass in a Scandinavian church set in a snowy landscape in a Dreyer's movie.

Image: eBay 

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  1. Chere Marie-Helene,
    Jpyeux Noel ! I bought Nuit De Noel yesterday for this time of year . Thank you for such a beautiful photo of this classic. Have you worn the extrsit ? Wouls you be able to kindly distinguish between the parfum and the EDT ?
    Thank you.

    Madelyn E
  2. Joyeux Noel, M-H! J'espere que tu auras beaucoup de cadeaux et beaucoup d'affection.
    Et Bonne Annee!

  3. Dear Madelyn,

    Thank you for your good wishes. The same to you!

    I plan to do a comparative review of Nuit de Noël, soon I hope.

  4. Dear Helg,

    Thank you, thank you! May you not be lacking in those things either!

    Happy Holidays!


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