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You might have already read the biography of Marie-Antoinette's perfumer Jean-Louis Fargeon A Scented Palace by Elisabeth Feydeau (see our review) or it might still be on your wish list or you are simply looking for a Christmas gift for your friend who is a perfume fiend or a history buff or a fashionista (Marie-Antoinette was a great fashionista) or all of the three above?......


Now is the right time to procure the book and to combine its purchase with a limited edition of ten fragrances called "The Perfumed Court" composed by perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz which are inspired by descriptions of 17th and 18th century perfumes from the book. The book can be had for 17.79 on Amazon. A pack of the 10 scents in the collection The Perfumed Court is available for $55 or $105 depending on whether you would prefer to offer them in eau de toilette or parfum (stronger concentration),

"Designed especially for the 'conversation lecture' entitled "eau de toilette" given at the Denver Art Museum, October 17, 2007 in conjunction with the exhibit ARTISANS and KINGS: Selections from the Louvre, the Perfumed Court collection perfumes have been created to illustrate 17th and 18th Century styles of fragrance with some as re-creations of perfumes that would actually have been worn by the luminaries of Versailles at the Courts of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI.** Perfumes of that period were made of all natural materials; mostly botanicals and some animal essences. In keeping with the authenticity of the materials, The Perfumed Court collection has been created using all botanical, precious essences; except for the animal notes, which are synthetic.

The sampler pack includes ten, 1 ml vials of the eau de toilette/eau de cologne versions of the following: "Cyprian-a powdered wig scent", "Eau de Cologne/Aqua Admirabilis"(Louis XIV), "Eau de Coquette" (Mme. du Barry - night), "Eau de Fleurs d'Oranger du Roi" (Louis XV), "Eau de la Favourite" (Mme. du Barry - day), "Eau de Trianon" (Marie Antoinette), "Mille-fleurs Bouquet" (M. de Pompadour), "Le Roi Soleil" (Louis XIV), "Pot-pourri de Pompadour" (M. de Pompadour) and "Reinette" (M. de

There is a promotional code for DSH perfumes running from now until the 5th of January. With HOL7, you save 20% off your purchases. 

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