Petit Vaillant Kirikou by Kirikou {New Perfume}


The popular children's hero Kirikou has inspired the creation of a perfume called Petit Vaillant (The Little Valiant One). Based on an African tale re-imagined by Michel Ocelot, the lushly illustrated movies and books featuring the ever-clever and helpful diminutive Kirikou has proven to be a hit in Europe although, "...his success in the more conservative markets of the UK, U.S. and Germany has been restricted by a mixed reaction to the realistic and non-sexual, but nevertheless omnipresent nudity in his breakout film Kirikou et la sorcière."......

Apparently the nudity of the women, men (upper body) and children (wholly naked) has been covered in the versions released in these countries, although we have not seen them as we only own the French DVD versions.

As one can see however both on the little suitcase and perfume bottle, Kirikou's nudity is indeed discreetly covered by an animal and a plant in each case.

Marketed children's perfumes is probably a more developed phenomenon in Europe.

The fragrance is inspired by Kirikou's village garden. It includes notes of passion fruit, mango, pineapple, lime, green mandarin, orange, crushed blackcurrant leaves, North African jasmine, rose, vanilla, honey. 90% of the ingredients are said to be natural. There are no parabens, coloring, or chemical preservatives.

The holiday coffret retails for 33, 20 €. The Eau de Senteur, with just the bracelet, retails for 22, 10 €. 1 % of the proceeds go to UNICEF. It is available at,

(quote from wikipedia) 

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