Vanille 44 by Le Labo: A Paris Exclusive (2007) {New Perfume}

Le Labo, a young French perfume house based in New York which half-playfully, half-seriously invite their customers to "join the revolution" of a new perfumery stubbornly guided by attention to quality and creativity have released a new exclusive, this time to the city of Paris, called Vanille 44. Previously they issued Tubéreuse 40 for New York city and Aldehyde 44 for Dallas. You can try to beg, but they will not let these perfumes leave the confines of each of the cities they are dedicated to. It is all in the name of putting back perfume on a pedestal and bringing in back exclusivity.

Le Labo name their fragrances according to a central raw material used in the blend and the number of ingredients included in their compositions. The end result might be less literal than advertised by the title name.......

This time the ad copy says,

"We all know that Paris is the city of love (and hence sex). But Paris is also about to become the city of Vanille 44! We also know by now that our Rose 31 does not smell of only rose, that our Iris 39 does not smell of just iris, and that the number is as important (if not more) than the name of ingredient to the left of it (I am not a number!). Well, our Vanille 44 does not smell of just Vanilla. At least it doesn't smell of vanilla straight away. We could say that this theme is a subtle ambery incensy woody sexy note that once acquainted with your premium pashmina sweater will release the finest of the vanilla bourbons that you've experienced. It's vanilla disguised. Some will say that it is scandalous to release this theme in Paris only and only in colette's Paris. Others will say that it is already too much and will try to ban it in the name of normality, where vanilla's smell of vanilla. Now, tell me, who is normal these days? Regardless, our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Morilla's for this newborn, and remember, Paris is only a memory away (Ok, that was super cheesy)."
Perfumer is none other than Alberto Morillas who has also created Tubereuse 40 for Le Labo. The perfume is only available at the concept store Colette in Paris.

Notes are: Natural bergamot, incense, mandarine, gaiac, vanilla bourbon, muscenone, pipol, hedione. 

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