Swiss Army Victorinox Moutain Water + A Secret Scent (2008) {New Fragrances}


Swiss Army, who have already launched three perfumes in the USA, South America, and the Middle East -- Swiss Army (1996), Altitude (2001), Swiss Army For Her (2002) (dates courtesy of Fragrances of the World 2008 by Michael Edwards) -- will introduce Mountain Water in February of 2008 and an as-of-yet undisclosed, secret fragrance in October of 2008.....

Swiss Army has now been re-dubbed Classic. The Swiss Army brand has also been partly refreshed with the addition of the Victorinox-label reference.

The existing perfumes which are particularly successful in the United-States according to Le Matin will now be introduced to the domestic market and proposed to the Swiss themselves.

A bottle of perfume retails for 79 Swiss Francs. 

Read more in "Ça sent quoi l'armée suisse?" in Le Matin.... 

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  1. I realy like swiss armee parfume

  2. The new fragrance is out called Swiss Unlimited. Packaging is really great, don't know what it smells like. You can order a free sample on the site -
    Does anyone out there know what the Swiss Army Classic fragrance smells like?

  3. I am very fond of perfumes and just heard about your quality fragrance. I wish to have the pleasure of such nice and elegant fragrance.


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