Agent Provocateur Rose Passion Massage Oil: A Very Sexy Green Rose (2007) {Perfume Review} {Smell-The-Roses-Till-Valentine's Day - Day 25}

Agent Provocateur released a set of three sensual massage oils in 2007 which includes the aphrodisiac scents of rose, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. You could have expected something magical containing a pinch of a secret ingredient, but we merely thought that the oils would smell decent albeit probably on the simplistic side. We were wrong. Judging from the rose oil, this set is really worth purchasing. Not surprisingly, it is currently sold out on their website.....

Rose Passion is an absolutely delicious and alluring rose scent with an understated complex personality and which develops with a very pleasing subtlety.

The rose oil starts unfolding with very green stemmy notes and a woody undertone with some sharp citrus edges. It is also a bit fruity. It just smells very well blended and sexy on the skin. It is not at all a heavily languorous rose perfume bespeaking of heavy bedroom eyelids, but rather a rose oil with a well-tailored chypre attitude. The well-balanced sharpness becomes a sign of extreme femininity. The rose is almost verbena-like.

Roja Dove has expressed on this blog what he thought about chypres as being the real men-killers, the genuine dangerous seductresses and one has to intuit that Agent Provocateur seem to think along the same lines. The scent smells both detached and sexy. The rose is almost virginal in its accent put on fresh notes yet very femme at the same time.

It is an expression of feminine sensuality that was immortalized by the icy Hitchcockian blondes: Eva Maria Saint, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak...

Rose Passion pays homage to their aloof innocence and dormant volcano qualities. Wear this if you do not want to let out anything obvious about yourself but want to convey the idea that you are trouble.

The rose oil alone retails for $55. The set retails for $60. 

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