Hugo Boss Boss Pure (2008) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}

After having mostly focused on aromatic fougères, Hugo Boss will launch a new cologne for men called Boss Pure, which is inspired by the abstract smell of water and classified as a fresh scent. Reportedly, fresh perfumes are popular enough to constitute 45% of the men's market....

It was created by P & G scientist Will Andrews in collaboration with IFF. The perfumer said that,

"The interesting thing about water is that, while you may assume that it is tasteless, water has very distinct flavors depending on where it is bottled,"

The scent will be available from April 2008. You can now order a sample here (with a 28 day waiting period) on the Boss website where you can see a countdown to the launch. The bottle like that of Calvin Klein Man evokes a wall, but of water in this case.  

"The collection includes eaux de toilette in two sizes, $49.50 for 1.7 oz. and $65 for 2.5 oz.; a 2.5-oz. aftershave spray, $47; a 5-oz. shower gel, $27, and a 2.4-oz. deodorant stick, $21."

(Added) Notes are: top: aquatic accord, lemon; heart: lily, muguet, hyacinth, green fig; base: massoia wood, moss.

(via WWD) 

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  1. Well, the price seems to be a little bit high.
    But it is worth to give it a try.


    Armine Abrahamyan
  2. That looks super cool - love fresh perfumes so will for sure give it a try!

    Steve Jones
  3. I got this one bought today.
    If u like fresh scents with the smell of yeah lets call it water.
    uhm how does smell water actualy? smell this perfume and u say hey this is the smell of water.

  4. Podobny do Hugo Boss Selection, ale nie spodobał mi się :-( duszący zapach, pasujacy do faceta po 40 ;-)

  5. just picked up this yesterday. it smells GREAT! very fresh smelling, starts off one way and ends another, it is very unique. i love it!

  6. Feels like i just took a shower, unlike hugo but luv it.

    • I suppose that's the effect they wanted to achieve.

      Chant Wagner

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