Givenchy Harvest 2007 Amarige Mimosa, Very Irresistible 2007 Damascena Rose, & Organza 2007 Jasmine (2008) {New Fragrances}

Givenchy have released a new trio of vintage Harvest fragrances based on exceptional harvests just like wines offer exceptional vintages. This time mimosa, rose, and jasmine have been deemed worthy of being bottled up in the perfumes called Givenchy Harvest 2007 Amarige Mimosa, Givenchy Harvest 2007 Very Irresistible Damascena Rose, & Givenchy Harvest 2007 Organza Jasmine. Last year the perfume brand issued a 2006 Millésime trio featuring orange blossom, ylang-ylang, and a different kind of rose (rosa centifolia: the other rose used in perfumery).....


Givenchy Harvest 2007 Amarige Mimosa:

"The Amarige 2007 Harvest top note of Mandarin Leaf and Neroli is infused by the green and very airy effect of the Mimosa, creating a suave and delicate fragrance. In the heart note, the exceptional Mimosa Absolute - from the Tamil Nadu region in India - is the central focus and gives the impression that the fragrance has been enveloped in a fragile yellow veil. This sensation enhances the floral and luminous facets of Amarige with more modernity, sweetness and luminosity. The bewitching combination of the woody rich base notes of Precious Wood is revealed in the form of powdery and sensual facets."


Givenchy Harvest 2007 Very Irresistible Damascena Rose:

The bright facet of the Damascena Rose - from the Dades Valley in Morocco - gives a subtle floral spontaneity and a sparkling freshness to the Top Note. At the Heart, the original rose bouquet of Very Irrésistible Givenchy is enhanced by the delicacy and the femininity of the Damascena Rose revealing generous tea rose tones and floral facets. In the base note, the flower infuses its sweet sensuality with the suede leather facets found in patchouli, giving the Very Irrésistible Givenchy 2007 Harvest, more texture and more intensity.


Givenchy Harvest 2007 Organza Jasmine:

"Radiant, heady and elegant, the Jasmine Absolute - from the Nile Delta in Egypt - used in the 2007 Organza Harvest is one of the noblest, finest and most fragrant. The top notes bring a fruity accent with a slight hint of apricot through a combination of Honeysuckle, Petitgrain and Neroli, which open up and delicately illuminate the eau de parfum. The floral heart note becomes more opulent and radiant with the warm facets found in the Egyptian Jasmine Harvest. Meanwhile, the base note creates an addictive sensuality via Vanilla and Nutmeg for a gentle and rounded sensuousness."

All three perfumes are available in eau de parfum concentration in 60 ml flacons, each for 57 £ at Harrods where they are currently said to be on exclusive. 

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  1. The Givenchy 2007 Special Edition Amarige Harvest Mimosa is an absolutely gorgeous scent. I am so happy that fall has come around once again so I can wear is a fragance that is rich and exotic yet not overstated, far more befitting fall and winter than the warm months. This fragrance has an undeniable luxuriousness and sense of "riche" to it that can be felt as well as smelled. Moreover, it lasts and lasts as the day is long, and it continues to envelope one with a warm, not quite spicy, not quite sweet-sweet, not quite totally mysterious (yet so)aura that is best reserved for long walks in the woods or for pleasurable, albeit elegant activites such as the opera or the symphony. This is a special scent, not to be worn day in and day out but I will go out on a limb and say it intoxicated me, and I am quite particular when it comes to the fragrances that I wear!! Indeed, this is far and away one of the nost beautiful fragrances I've ever purchasd, just gorgeous...and I would have paid even more for it if I had had to.

    Barbara Jane Sowak

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