Indult C 16: A Whiff of Musk from the Past (2008) {New Fragrance}


Indult, a Paris-based perfumer house which was inaugurated last year is releasing its fourth fragrance after Manakara, Isvaraya, and Tihota in an even more limited-edition format: C 16 will be available in only 213 bottles.

The perfume was created by Francis Kurkdjian and is a recreation of, among other things, Tonkin musk or Chinese musk which was deemed to be the best kind in the past. It is still possible to come by real Tonkin musk today but its use as an infused ingredient in perfumery is very rare and marginal.

C 16 is exclusive to Colette in Paris and should be available from March 2008. (cf. Colette Newsletter)

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