2 Soviet Estonian Perfume Commercials from the 1980s {Scented Images & Adverts}

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You can watch 2 rare Estonian TV fragrance commercials from the 1980s during the Soviet period. They were both made by Harry Egipt who seems to have been the advertising guru or Estonian Jacques Séguela of the period. As Whatarebirds comments,

"These ads are all for regular, unbranded items. They were made because Estonia is very close to Finland and picked up some of their television ads displaying all the spectacular products of capitalism. They are always unintentionally hilarious."

The first ad is for Severnoe Siyanie (Aurora Borealis) perfumes, whose factories are located in Saint-Petersburg.....

Cosmetics Russia gives the following information about Severnoe Siyanie,

"Severnoye Siyaniye is one of the oldest perfumery factories in Russia. Its fragrances enjoyed high popularity among Russian women. We received some raw materials from Crimea, but the majority of necessary ingredients didn't grow in Soviet Union and we cooperated with Firmenich, Givaudan, IFF, Quest. The latter was incorporated in Unilever. When in early 1990s Unilever got interested in the Russian market, the concern's management put a close attention to Severnoe Sianie.

The factory was the second large enterprise after Novaya Zaria, it had over 1000 people personnel and two production sites. We were a profitable company and used our profits to redeem our factory from the government and create a closed joint-stock company."

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The ads are so kitsch; well here are two pieces of history,




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