Annick Le Guérer's Online Column {Fragrant Reading}


The internet medium and the blog medium in particular seem to be a must for perfume writers these days.

We learned that fragrance author Annick Le Guérer writes an online column on the blog entitled "Dans le Brûle-Parfums d'Annick Le Guérer". She also regularly proposes her "Coups de Coeur" regarding perfumes, i.e., the fragrances that she loves......

Annick Le Guérer is an anthropologist and intellectual historian who has written several books about the history of perfumes and olfaction including Les pouvoirs de l'odeur, probably her best-known work, which was translated in English as Scent: The Mysterious and Essential Powers of Smell. She also co-authored a book with perfumer Dominique Ropion entitled Sur les routes de l'encens. Another general reference book of hers is Le parfum des origines à nos jours. Her most recent recent contribution is for Histoire en parfums, a collective work.

After having written this post, we realized that she does not update very often, but there you go. 

Thanks to Nathalie Pichard for the tip! 

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