Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent (2008) {Perfume Review} {New Fragrance}


First, the news. Estee Lauder, which is one of the best companies at doing both business and keeping in mind the public good, have decided to continue producing a replacement for the beloved - no strike that - the wildly popular Tom Ford Azurée Soleil. As the Tom Ford contract with Estee Lauder expired recently, this was the best move to undertake for legions of fans of the summery oil and skinscent.

The new version is called Bronze Goddess after a pre-existing makeup line of the brand. How does it compare to the previous two summer Tom Ford editions? Very well....


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The new Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent is extremely close to Azurée Soleil, but better. In a nutshell, the coconut in Bronze Goddess is more savory less sweet and the composition is more complex and refined. Now even the Skinscent feels very mellow and round, a characteristic that was better felt in the oils before. All the elements blend and fuse together and have gained in subtlety.

True to its name, the perfume evolves into a lovely skin scent with, in particular, a non-foody yet buttery caramel overtone in the dry-down offering quite an addictive quality. Think salty caramels from Brittany and Normandy made with fresh butter and we mean fresh. The illusion is perfect and it is very interesting to see the concept of freshness illustrated by a butter accord.

It is a great beach scent with the best of aromas from both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Top notes are: coconut milk, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, myrrh

Heart notes are: golden amber, juicy mandarin, Sicilian bergamot, lemon blend, pulpy orange 

Base notes are: Tiare flower, Jasmine, Magnolia petals, orange flower buds, fresh lavender

Notably, the price points remain the same although size options for the Eau Fraîche are reduced to just one this year.

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche 100 ml $49.50

Bronze Goddess Body Oil 100 ml $29.50

Bronze Goddess Luminous Body Lotion 200 ml $29. 50 

(Source & images: Estee Lauder press release) 

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  1. I absolutely love this fragrance! I fell in love with it last year when it was the artist formerly known as Azuree Soleil. Now that I have this scent everyone is jealous and envious of my sexy summer scent and I love it!

  2. Does anyone know where you can buy this fragrance??? Cant find it anywhere....

  3. Hi I just wanted to answer a question for Debbie, which she posted on 6th August. You can buy Bronze goddess skinscent at a few of the big shops in London, John Lewis and Harrods....I have just bought one and they only have a few left. Good Luck.

    Sheryl Hobson
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    brittany jones
    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad to be of help.

      I have compiled a best-of super discounted perfume websites:

      If I looked at selection irrespective of ultimate shopping prices, then I could recommend others.

      I will also try to add the info you requested at the end of posts. Thanks for this suggestion.

      Have a great day!

      Chant Wagner

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