Sean John Unforgivable Woman Black & Unforgivable Black (2008) {New Fragrances} {Men's Cologne}


Sean John is releasing a new limited Collector's Edition of a duo of fragrances in April of 2008 called Unforgivable Woman Black and Unforgivable Black. The news have not just to do with the packaging which is now all lacquered black but with the more luxurious renditions of the perfumes themselves for which "...only the most premium and luxurious ingredients were used..."

The new fragrances are "extracted and re-created from the original Unforgivable" using top grade quality ingredients labeled "Orpur". As stated by the press officer, "Orpur ingredients are naturally grown and harvested to the strictest standards, causing the fragrance to have a concentrated and intense scent.".......


Unforgivable Woman Black is described as a "seductive gourmand". The ad copy creatively names each ones of the three tiers of the traditional olfactory pyramid. The top, heart and base become,

The Provocation 

The top notes are the moment of "provocation" blending Piña Colada, Sheer Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and ORPUR Bergamot. Fresh Apple Skin and Dewy White Cyclamen Petals prolong the sensations "with an exclusive blend of Cassis and Pomarose".

The Seduction

Then it is time for "seduction" with the help of Iris, Coconut Milk and Seychelles Coco de Mer "infused with ORPUR Orange Flower and Pineapple to create a sophisticated forbidden allure".

The Passion 

Finally the "passion" smells of Patchouli, creamy Sandalwood which create intimate woody notes. The base is also made velvety soft thanks to Tonka and vanilla.

Unforgivable Black is a cologne resting on "seductive woods".


Crisp Mediterranean air caresses you with Sicilian Lemon ORPUR, Italian Bergamot ORPUR and Moroccan Tangerine. Grapefruit and Champagne Accord blend with Lavender ORPUR and Asian Pear creating a fresh fusion with the spice of Green Mandarin Zest and Cardamom ORPUR.

The Sexy

The feeling intensifies when refreshing Tuscan Basil and Rosemary ORPUR are mixed with a distinctive Seychelles Coco de Mer. The interaction heightens with the accent of Florentine Iris and Clary Sage. Provocative in its contrast of masculine freshness
and exotic seduction.

The Smooth

A silken finish is savored through warm Cashmere Accord, Australian Sandalwood, smoldering Amber and cooling creamy Tonka. The soul comes to life with a Coconut Rum Accord."

Each fragrance will retail 2.5 oz for $65.

(via Sean John Fragrances press release) 

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