Victoria's Secret Isle of Pink (2008) {New Fragrance}


The lingerie brand Victoria's Secret has launched a new limited-edition perfume called Isle of Pink meant to evoke the folly (added) of a spring break in the Carribean.

To bring home the concept of the line, the perfumes are displayed on an island-type table that looks like a mound of pink. Walking past the door of one of their boutiques, it is hard to miss the pink aura from the corner of your eye. A few feet away from it near the entrance, the boutique smells of, essentially, cotton candy. I took a mental note and decided to take the plunge the next time around. But here's their tantalizing invitation....

"Head to the exclusive Isle of Pink, the latest fragrance obsession from Victoria's Secret Pink™. Think Caribbean beach club and cute cabana boys, with a flirty blend of raspberry sorbet, iced tulip and vanilla bean. It's a spring break vacation, in a bottle. Comes in a Pink logo drawstring bag."

Top notes: raspberry sorbet, pink currant, frozen mango, sugar apple, coconut water
Middle note: iced tulip, heliotrope, freesia water, rose nectar
Low notes: amber, cashmere musk, vanilla bean

A shimmering fragrance mist is also available. 

On a separate note, it is instructive to browse their perfume catalogue as it gives you an indication of what a portion of young American women like to wear. They are mostly the sexy-flirty-I'm-still-a-virgin-tong-wearing type of scents you would expect. 

With a $50 purchase, you get a free tote bag with 13 samples of beauty favorites. Enter code GETGLAM.

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