Caron Les Plus Belles Lavandes de Caron (2008) {New Perfume}



Caron will launch a lavender eau de cologne in May 2008 called Les Plus Belles Lavandes de Caron (The Most Beautiful Lavenders by Caron).

It was composed by in-house perfumer Richard Fraysse who took inspiration from the classic Caron Pour Un Homme originally created by Ernest Daltroff in 1934.....

It reportedly showcases the most beautiful lavenders from Haute-Provence. 

Interestingly Richard Fraysse's grandfather is the creator of the famous Yardley English Lavender.

Two years ago Fraysse proposed a refreshing licorice perfume for the summer which is a true delight, Eau de Réglisse. 

Les Plus Belles Lavandes de CARON
Eau de Cologne reffilable Spray,
100ml ca. 55,00 €

Eau de Cologne, 1 Liter ca. 135,00 €



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  1. I have purchased o bottle of 1000 ml in June 2007.It is a very good lavender for hot days..

  2. Oh, thanks. It looks like a summer staple then. I missed it last year and perhaps the years before (?)


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