Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Homme (2008) {New Cologne}


Yves Rocher will launch a new masculine fragrance in France in May of 2008 called Comme Une Evidence Homme. It is the men's counterpart to Comme Une Evidence, which is the number-one selling perfume line in France, according to the Yves Rocher press release.

The perfume was composed by Antoine Maisondieu from Givaudan and is described as a woodsy, spicy, and floral scent which is "refined, subtle, and simple all at the same time."..... 

The Eau de Toilette offers top notes of bergamot, mandarin, and cypress. Heart notes unfold on a "rosy floral facet", black pepper, nutmeg, and cardamom. Base notes are patchouli, Gaïac wood (the Bulnesia Sarmenti varietal), and cedar wood.

The rosy note is presented as a quote from the feminine version of Comme Une Evidence. The scent is said to contain a significant proportion of natural essences.

The 75 ml bottle designed by Federico Restrepo will retail for 34, 50 €.

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  1. its great smelling cause its from france

    donald philippin

    • Although there are many great-smelling perfumes in France, not all of them are great. The same applies to each and every country that produces perfume.

      Chant Wagner

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