Diesel Fuel for Life Cologne in the Summer of Colognes (2008) {New Perfume}

As noted previously in the review of the new Dior Escale à Portofino, the summer of 2008 sees a slew of cologne creations from various brands. The conjunction seems a bit mysterious and almost astrological, but it is in tune with a general vogue for fresh perfumes. When you put the word "cologne" in the sense of the ancient eau, on a label one must admit that it immediately puts a stamp of classicism on the hippest and most youthful of perfumes, case in point: Diesel Fuel for Life Cologne....

And the bottle says the same thing; look at this antique distressed label, with a little bit of an old Western saloon style. Not to mention also that seeing a big bottle of eau de cologne on your bathroom shelf is always comforting and brings a family and familiar vibe to your vanity area.

The new Diesel Fuel for Life Cologne retains the same chypre structure as the original, the feminine one, but sees a significant addition of hesperidic or citrus notes. The jus has been re-balanced to adapt to the new feel. Apparently, it is very much reminiscent of an eau de cologne while respecting the personality of the original scent.

A 120 ml flacon is priced at 59 €. 

Via Joyce.fr 

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