Lalique White (2008) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne} - Thierry de Baschmakoff at Lalique {Fragrance News}



Crystal-maker Lalique will launch a new fragrance for men called Lalique White, first next week, exclusively at Harrods in London, and then worldwide in September 2008. The US and Middle East will only discover it in 2009.

The scent is described as a fresh hesperidic perfume and was composed by perfumer Christine Nagel who reportedly was interested in bringing out the fresh, cool facets of spices.....


Lalique themselves were anxious to add a fresh scent to their portfolio, which is not surprising as many other brands are currently viewing this category as a promising one, in a continuation or rather revival of the 1990s perfume fashion for fresh-aquatic or fresh-ozonic fragrances. The commercial successes of Jean Claude Ellena at Hermès with Terre d'Hermès and his garden series is probably steering everyone in the right direction.

The color white is a reference to the light-refracting properties of crystal.

Top: lemon leaves, tamarind and bergamot;  heart: violet, white pepper, nutmeg and cardamom; base: amber, cedar and musk.

"The EdT will be priced €59 for 75ml and €73 for 125ml. The line also includes a perfumed body and hair gel (€26 for 200ml) and a scented stick deodorant (€24). Prices for the limited edition can be obtained upon request."

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In related news, fragrance-bottle designer Thierry de Baschmakoff (a relative of the Ellena family of perfumers incidentally - he designed the flacons for The Different Company) has been hired by Art et Fragrance as artistic director of Lalique (see Daily Bourse)

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