NoBs Alpha Male Fighter (2008): No B.S. Be A Man! & Become No B.S. Girl of the Year {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}



NoBs Alpha Male is a fragrance company founded in 2007 entirely dedicated to catering to the perfume needs of a forlorn minority, the alpha males. In the midst of a gender-bending age, someone had to shout enough is enough. Within this brand universe "Metrosexual" is considered a dirty word. As stated, "NoBs Alpha Male is a company of, by, and for the alpha male".

We got a comment and advertising tag under our recent post about men's perfume ads, saying "NoBs Alpha Male has come out with a fragrance for Alpha Males, called Fighter, no mixed messages; smell great, and smell like a man. We agree, men want to look at women, not other men." We went to take a look at their website and it is pretty single-minded and picturesque.....



NoBs Girls are recruited to wear the company's gear and promote their fragrances in specific Chicago bars. You also have until July 31st 2008 to participate in a contest to become the NoBs Girl of the year and be on their next perfume packaging. Ten finalists will be chosen and voted for on their website.

Fighter is described as a "fragrance that conveys assertive and masculine sexuality with a perfect balance of marine notes, fruits, herbs, and woods. The scent lasts long, but is not overpowering, and is perfect for casual and formal use."

A 1.7 oz of Eau de Toilette is priced at $ 29. The packaging is fronted by a fighter called El Conquistador, Jorge Riviera. 

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