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Following an early spotting of the upcoming new Tom Ford feminine fragrance fronted by singer Erykah Badu, we now learn that White Patchouli will be launched in September 2008. Tom Ford said,

"For this project, I wanted to reinvent patchouli," [...] "I loved the idea of mixing patchouli with white florals. We used patchouli orpur, which takes out some of the darker, smoky notes of patchouli. We mixed that with peony, bergamot, and jasmine" Additional notes include rose, coriander, and ambrette seed."......

The ad was shot by Mert and Marcus and will break out in US magazines in September. Tom Ford further explained,

"I wanted to continue with that stylized, glossy image [which the designer started with his Black Orchid fragrance ads in 2006]," said Ford. "And not too many people are doing black-and-white ads right now, which was also a consideration."

For another black-and-white perfume ad and olfactory theme, see the upcoming Serge Lutens Serge Noire


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  1. Interesting that this is almost the exact opposite of Serge's "white skins and black serge" idea.

    Can't WAIT to smell.

    Billy D
  2. surprising! at 1st I didn't like it. But, after wearing it for a few minutes it started to grow on me and it has a slight sexy, expensive air to it. Which the expensive part I nailed. But, I think I really like it. I was looking for a little sexy and I think this is what I was LOOKING FOR. very, very nice, clean, stand out attractive!


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