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According to the March 2008 issue of Wallpaper (print edition), the house of Creed will release a sequel to Love in White called Love in Black. The perfume is still in its development stages and involves Erwin Creed as well as Olivier Creed. Erwin Creed candidly admits to not having such a great nose but - not to worry regarding the destiny of the house of Creed - to be able to compensate this failing with his creativity: "I'm not the best nose. But I have good ideas." [...] "Chanel No.5 was the result of a mistake, after all....And I have good taste."

(Image: The Bride Wore Black by François Truffaut) 

This information is included in an article about three pairs of fathers and sons who are all perfumers: the Creeds, Max and Clément Gavarry, Olivier and Jacques Polge. The
perfume world is known to be steeped in tradition and family transmission still plays a significant role in it. But things are evolving thanks in part to schools like ISIPCA.....

Alas it is also a well-known fact that a degree from ISIPCA is no guarantee that one will find a job as a perfumer in fine fragrances due to the forces of the market.

Thanks to Octavian Sever Coifan from 1000 Fragrances for having spotted the article!

In other news, and as a follow-up to a previous article about singer Erykah Badu becoming the face of the next feminine Tom Ford fragrance, we learn that she herself confirmed that she will be the spokesmodel for said perfume and that it will be called White Patchouli. In case you had not guessed already, she adds that it is about "breaking the color barrier."

You can watch a video by Najwa Moses of Styleaholics where Badu mentions the perfume venture briefly,

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  1. It's White Patchouli, not Petunia

  2. Okay, thanks.

    Is this what you hear on the video or do you know for certain?

  3. Yep, I listened again and I do catch the "l" now.


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