Giorgio Armani Eaux Armani Privé Oranger Alhambra (2008) {New Fragrance}

Oranger-Alhambra-Armani-Prive.jpgArmani have added a third opus to their niche sub-collection titled Eaux Armani Privé deriving inspiration from historical gardens from around the world, a concept very close to that of the famous Hermès garden series: after Vétiver Babylone and Rose Alexandrie introduced earlier this year, this time the new fragrance is inspired by the garden of the Alhambra in Granada with its meditative and peaceful Persian design.

It is also said to be based on Giorgio Armani's childhood memories of sunshine and freshness in the Mediterranean region...


The lavish description states,

"White arrow-shaped blooms of jasmine and tender garlands of roses find shelter in the shade of the sweet-smelling foliage of orange trees; only spindly-leaved rosemary and the hardy stems of marjoram turn and face the baking sun.

The finest essences of Citrus add a great splash of light to the top notes of Oranger Alhambra; not just the sparkle of Lemon, Bergamot and bitter Orange, but also the boldness of Petitgrain which distills a touch of sharpness, greenness and vitality into its leaves and young branches.

Robust, authentic and simple, Rosemary and Marjoram add an aromatic and wild facet to Jasmine. Finally, Moss and Patchouli recall the presence of damp soil in the waves of fragrance drenched by the sun."

Available in Armani boutiques

Via Giorgio Armani Beauty

Photo of the Alhambra via Roman Krznaric

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  1. Sorry...Persian design in Alhambra???

    • Yes, via the Arabs. The French garden has also been influenced by the aesthetics of the Persian garden.

      Chant Wagner
  2. The Persians inspired all the Islamic countries, who influenced the Spanish and Portuguese, who influenced the New World. . . the classic symmetry of water, plants, and tilework that we associate with gardens in hot climates.


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