Marc Jacobs Fig Splash, Gardenia Splash (2008) {New Fragrances}

Marc-Jacobs-Gardenia.jpgMarc Jacobs has released two new splashes for the summer this time inspired by two perfume notes that are already part of their repertoire, Fig and Gardenia. If Marc Jacobs is not known for doing gardenia perfumes for women, I don't know what he would be known for then. The brand also has a fig perfume for men with Marc Jacobs for men. It therefore looks like a transfer and a redux of some sort. Indeed, Nordstrom confirms that both perfumes are "inspired by his original creations"...

The splashes are usually on the simple and refreshing sides.

"MARC JACOBS Fig unfolds with the richness of fig and the freshness of yuzu zest and Tuscan cypress--warm and enveloping without overwhelming."

"MARC JACOBS Gardenia. The essence is simply modern and the appeal is timelessly refreshing. MARC JACOBS Gardenia opens with the freshness of dewy greens, blossoms with the airy florals of gardenia petals, then dries down to a beautiful base of creamy musks."

Each 10 oz. bottle retails for $68, exclusively at Nordstrom

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