Striking Advertising for Guerlain Homme: Animalistic Sense of Smell Honored {Perfume Images & Adverts}

"The quintessence of animal instinct, yet for this very reason often repressed or misunderstood, the sense of smell is our Guerlain man's constant ally..."

Jean-Paul Goude who is well-known for his strikingly creative visual style has designed an intriguing story and stunning visuals for the upcoming Guerlain Homme perfume. His advertising for Chanel Egoïste is one of the most unforgettable ones I have seen; he considers it by the way to be his best work in advertising. In France, he also left his mark on the collective psyche by organizing an over-the-top parade on the Champs-Elysées for the bicentenary of the French Revolution in 1989.

Brazilian model Renne Castrucci is the star of the show for the new Guerlain cologne having been asked to embody a man that has not forgotten his animal side. As the press release says the effect is supposed to be "...and every woman on earth will long to be "Jane". or even Bagheera."...   

  The tag line for Guerlain Homme says it all "GUERLAIN HOMME for the animal in you"

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Something that sets him apart from a great many of his fellow men who like to think of themselves as superior to the other beasts of the earth. Smelling - as natural to him as breathing - is a source not only of subtle information and subliminal messages, but also of pleasure to be enjoyed with pure delight."

All call on his heightened sensory powers. He is an expert, picking up the scent far in advance, effortlessly differentiating between a cheap imitation and an artfully crafted original.

His taste? Today he longs for a swill of fresh, clear water, taken straight from the stream, sparkling with the flavor of pungent herbs, which hits the taste buds like a cool, refreshing drink, sending a shiver down the spine. With a dash of rum, mint, and lime. Did someone say "mojito"? Yes, and the memory of an ice cube on the skin.

He quenches his thirst. Shakes himself off. And smiles to see us agape before his breathtaking vision.


Guerlain-Homme-Ad-Final.jpgVia Guerlain press release

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