Armani Onde Mystère, Vertige, Extase (2008): 3 Neo-Orientals {New Fragrances}

Armani-Onde-Mystère-Vertige-Extase.jpgArmani will launch a new Onde trilogy of perfumes in October 2008 centering on the oriental dream while attempting to reinvent it through adapted olfactory language. Titled Onde Mystère, Vertige, Extase, each perfume is inspired by a region of the Orient: Istanbul, India and Japan respectively. "Onde" is a literary term for water and can also mean a wave of any sort, a vibe, the sea.

Onde Mystère is described as a musky oriental with a touch of luminosity and is highlighted with incense. It includes notes of amber, benzoin, musk, Moroccan rose buds and vanilla absolute...

Onde Vertige is a new addition to the the sub-family of floral-orientals. It features a carnal frangipani flower in its heart together with black liquorice, jasmine and patchouli.

Onde Extase is inspired by the art of the geisha, she who knows how to turn a moment of time into a moment of eternity. It is billed as a woody oriental and features notes of bergamot, cedar, mimosa, pink pepper, narcissus absolute, sesame absolute, musk.

The bergamot adds here also a light touch that makes this oriental feel more modern.

It seems that the expression "neo-oriental" here alludes both to a fresher, lighter facet added to the oriental scents while certain less common or unusual ingredients are showcased, such as black licorice and sesame absolute.

The flacons are particularly thought-out and look elegant and heavy offering a set of unusual antique, faded colors.

Via, The Moodie Report

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