Etro Via Verri Vintage Limited Edition (2008) {New Perfume}: A New Via Verri


Etro has launched a new version of one of their harder-to-find fragrances, Via Verri, called Via Verri Vintage; it is a limited-edition.

It is possible that it could be considered as a "reformulation" of the original scent but it could also just as much be a "flanker" of sorts, recycling the name in part with a new jus under a similar name. It sounds like it is the latter case...

The perfume, originally (ca. 2006) named after the address of the Etro boutique in Milan, reportedly "...smells very different" from "the other version", which is said to have been "redolent of rose", according to the Etro boutique in Paris.

Via Verri Vintage has top notes of mandarin, coriander, cardamom; heart notes are jasmine, cypress, nutmeg; base notes are oak tree, mineral amber, musks. The new composition is described as being both subtle and intense.

The flacon is engraved with the trademark paisley motif of the brand.

Prices: 100 ml for 80 Euros (Paris); 85 Euros (Germany)

News via; precisions via Etro boutique in Paris:

177, Boulevard St Germain
75007 Paris
01 45 48 18 17

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