L'Artisan Parfumeur Burberry Crocus (2008) {New Fragrance - Candle}

Thumbnail image for Burberry-crocus-Lartisan1.JPGLast year, L'Artisan Parfumeur started a collaboration with British fashion brand Burberry working in particular with artistic director Christopher Bailey to release a series of four-seasons candles. L'Artisan have lately been engaged in a number of co-branding ventures, bringing their know-how and good reputation to similarly finely reputed brands interested in developing perfumes.

The first one in the collection was Burberry Hearth introduced in the fall of 2007 which was inspired by the autumnal atmosphere of the English countryside with its scents of fall leaves and forest-y humus, which all sound very appealing this October 2008...
This year they have created a new candle named Burberry Crocus meant to evoke an English garden in the spring, after and before the next rain shower. We are told that the ground is like a yellow carpet, daffodils have bloomed. Notes are floral, green, and honeyed.

The glass containing the 175 gr wax candle is matte beige in reference to the famous Burberry trench coat. It is decorated with the Burberry coat of arms and the motto "Prorsum" meaning "forward" in Latin.

Both scented candles are priced at 40 Euros each and available in the European market. It does not appear to be cataloged on the US site of L'Artisan Parfumeur.

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