Christian Lacroix Absynthe by Avon (2009): The Green Faerie Is Back {New Perfume}



French couturier Christian Lacroix is pursuing his partnership with mass-market giant Avon with the launch of a third fragrance in March 2009 called Absynthe following Rouge and Noir.

Inspired by the mythical drink of poets and bohemian artists living in 19th century Paris, it comes in the midst of a renewal of interest for the jade-colored drink as it is now legally available again. In particular, the US is now allowing its commercial distillation since December 2007...

Closer to the fashion world, absinthe was a color inspiration on the Lacroix runway during his 2007 Spring collection with a chiffon gown in that very hue which appears replicated on the ad for the fragrance. The model there is made to look like a modern incarnation of the green fairie, a popular nickname for the absinthe drink.

The fragrance for women features notes of absinthe extract, green aniseed, golden freesia, orchid, saffron, narcissus nectar, antique woods, myrrh, black ebony wood, musk, amber.

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  1. Hmm. CL is my favorite. It is quite natural smelling, and thus I enjoy it a lot. There is one brand I bought with lovely green and light herbal notes, a hint of pine/mint from the rosemary and another grassy hint from vetiver. These give the scent very good longevity, and the citrus finds a way to linger too. I like this very much! I think CL scents are designed to layer, and I have no doubt this would add sparkle to many scents. I think it stands well on its own, as well. I am not sure where to buy them. I have only one store near me in philly. Looking for some suggestion where I can get best perfume here.

  2. May ask a question?Who is the female model in the commercial. Merci~~~!

  3. Please tell me where I can buy Absynthe? Avon once sold it but no longer.

    Jeanne Johnson
    • It's available on auction sites, like eBay

      Chant Wagner

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