Prettying Up for Inauguration Day 2009



When the economy goes bad, there is always room for hope beauty treatments, it seems. As a sign of these times of change symbolised by Inauguration Day 09 today, people want to look their best in the hope of reflecting and helping to make come about a better and more ideal world. So, while we wait for things to pick up, what better quick fix but to look younger, fresher and more upbeat thanks to Botox and Hyaluronic acid? Some beauty professionals are NOT experiencing a downturn in business,


"We have been absolutely swamped since the election with people desiring rejuvenation procedures for the upcoming inauguration," says Washington, D.C., cosmetic dermatologist Tina Alster.

"My normal load for cosmetic procedures has doubled, except for hyaluronic acid fillers — Perlane and Restylane — which have almost tripled," reports cosmetic and laser surgeon Hema Sundaram, who runs two offices in the Washington, D.C., area.


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