John Varvatos Artisan (2009): The Call of Tradition {New Perfume}

John Varvatos will introduce in February 2009 its third masculine fragrance called simply Artisan with the tag line: "The Past and the Future, Artfully Interwoven." The perfume flask is encased in a beautiful hand-made and distressed rattan outer-covering in reference to antique perfume casings. When the pace of the economy is slowing down, how appropriate and psychologically astute isn't it to turn to the soothing feeling of a simpler and slightly more bucolic past?

The citrus composition is by perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, who also created the two previous men's colognes for the brand, John Varvatos and Vintage. According to Nicholas Ratut of JV Fragrance & Skincare, a division of Shiseido,

"We feel there's nothing industrial or corporate about this fragrance; it's very classic, but with a twist."...


Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux explained about the scent,

"I was inspired by the idea of hand-picked fruit and hand-picked flowers, but taken into the twenty-first century,"

Artisan has top notes of Sicilian clementines, tangelo, mandarin oranges, thyme, marjoram and lavandin; its heart notes are orange tree blossoms, Indian murraya and ginger extracts; base notes are kephalis, georgywood, belambre and serenolide.

An eau de toilette will be available in two sizes: 4.2 oz. for $75.00 and 2.5 oz. for $55.00. A 2.6-oz. deodorant stick is priced at $22.00. 

From February 2009 at Nordstrom.

Via Cosmetic World

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