Salvador Dali Sea and Sun in Cadaques & Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame Fraternel Twin Bottles {Scented Thoughts}



Do you notice the similarities between a perfume by Salvador Dali called Sea and Sun in Cadaques launched in 2006 and Ma Dame by Jean Paul Gaultier introduced last year in 2008?


Following up on my previous post about the alleged plagiarism of Tom Patti's artwork by Sean Diddy Combs for Unforgivable, I remembered that other example of a perfume bottle redux or copy (have others and can post about them).

Ma Dame was a high profile launch, much more so than Sea and Sun in Cadaques. I was just surprised to realize the Salvador Dali fragrance is only 2 years old.

The difference here is that the Ma Dame cannot be traced back to an original, signed work. For all we know, the Salvador Dali perfume bottle itself derives from another work.

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Added: M suggested to further compare Ma Dame with Chic by Carolina Herrera (2002)

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  1. You should have added the Carolina Herrera Chic Bottle for the coulours and shape!


    • You are right. It's the same range of shaded pink/orangey tones and the shape is similar as well.

      Must post pic later on.


      Chant Wagner
  2. Yeah, the similarities are they both look really creepy.

    • Lol, "creepy" isn't the first word that would have come to my mind, more like "sculptural". But I see where the creepy vibe can come from if you start looking at the motifs as severed body parts.

      Chant Wagner
  3. :) today i put a Chic bottle on the Madame gloryfier and the Jean Paul Gaultier sales assistant didn't even see the difference...

    Just saw the new Flora by Gucci bottle and it really looks like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP bottle. And the fragrance kind of nicer Very Irrésistible, so here we go, originality!!!

    • Ah, ah, ah, this is funny! Good test!

      Looking at the Flora bottle in picture, I would not have made the connection necessarily but I see now that if you start thinking the way marketing people do, then you could imagine that they would think it's a good thing to replicate some of the success of Flowerbomb that way. After you've told me, I see how one could analyze the bottle shape as being the same minus the top that makes it look like a hand grenade. It probably is even more striking in person.

      And thanks for reminding me that I forgot to make an announcement about Flora back in Dec 08.

      I have to say that Gucci by Gucci (fall 07) was very nice but also very much a kissing cousin of Midnight Poison by Dior (winter 07).

      But as I said to Julien in another thread today, perfumes have the ability to be convincing even when they add just a few nuances and offer subtlety without originality necessarily. It's like food basically: you can be satisfied by the sensual pleasure of drinking black coffee in the morning, even if it is for the umptieth time.

      Chant Wagner

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