Tweezerman Heart-Shaped Tweezers: Valentine's 09 Special!

Tweezerman-Heart.jpgTweezerman has issued special collector Heart-Shaped Tweezers for Valentine's Day 2009. They look so comfy and practical and cute, all at the same time...
  • Heart-shaped tweezers with slanted tips
  • Perfectly aligned with hand-filed tips
  • Sharp elongated points for easy removal of ingrown hairs
  • Surgical quality stainless steel with enamel finishing
  • Presented in a clear compact with a mirror
  • Includes protective velvet pouch
  • Made in Switzerland
It is an exclusive to Harrods but can be ordered online and by phone: call 0845 605 1234(+44 (0)20 8479 5100 international). The heart tweezers retail for £25 or a little more than US $36 at current exchange rate.

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