Amanda Lepore Amanda (2008), Happy Hooker, Lemore, Virgin Juice: 4 In A Row {New Fragrances} {Celebrity Perfumes}

Amanda Lepore also known as the "#1 transsexual in the world", after becoming a muse for photographer David LaChapelle has turned into a fragrant muse for perfumers as well.

First comes the perfume called Amanda by Artware Editions created by perfumer Christopher Laudamiel formerly of International Fragrances and Flavors in collaboration with partner Christopher Hornetz who designed the perfume bottle incrusted with 1000 pieces of Swarowski crystals.

"Mr. Laudamiel started with a base of steamed rice, added mandarins, bergamot, orange flowers, strawberry and cucumber. Fittingly, the Champagne note is artificial."...

The latter is a reference to Amanda Lepore's well publicized habit of drinking ginger ale in a champagne glass. Lepore adds to explain the tenacity of the juice that "it's fermented." There is also a dash of Cristal. At any rate, the collaboration took off impromptu at a party in 2003.

Amanda is priced at $950 for 4.25 oz and is limited to 5000 copies. It is available on her website.

"The Amanda coffret (our fancy name for the box) is a custom box with a black satin interior. Each bottle is decorated by hand using 1,000 Swarovski crystals and comes with a blush pink satin atomizer. A limited edition photo booklet featuring new images is signed by Amanda and also included."

Next come two other fragrances called Happy Hooker and Lemore which are supposed to launch at her online store Everything Amanda as well.

Finally, David LaChapelle wants his piece of Amanda Lepore too and after designing a Swatch watch with her called "Time Tranny" is planning to release a scent called Virgin Juice.

It looks like Amanda Lepore is fully booked where celebrity perfume creation is concerned although The Christophs insist Amanda is not just one of those celeb juices but Art.

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Photo credit: Peace Bisquit

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