Korres Black Tea & Verbena Anticellulite Cream-Gel (2009)

Black-Tea-Verbena-B.jpgKorres Natural Products, a brand hailing from Greece, has introduced a new product for the body called Black Tea & Verbena Anti-Cellulite Cream-Gel. It is meant to be a complementary addition to the anti-cellulite program created by the brand with "Guarana exfoliating body soap, Geranium and Grapefruit massage oil for firming body and reducing the appearance of cellulite and Prunella and Grape firming body cream gel." The claim is to reduce the appearance of cellulite rather than zap it as well as to help "contour" the body...

"Easily absorbed cream-gel that helps during all stages of the lipogenesis-lipolysis cycle. Caffeine, a well-known lipolytic agent, in combination with Black Tea and Verbena extracts, reduces fat accumulation. The combination of Ivy, Centella and Ruscus invigorates microcirculation, significantly reducing the 'orange peel' aspect of the skin. In the clinical studies, 100% of women who used the Black Tea & Verbena for a 2-month period reported a local fat reduction of 1.7cm and a decrease of the 'orange peel' appearance.
Contains: caffeine, Black Tea, Verbena, Chrysanthemum, White Lotus, Ivy, Centella and Ruscus extracts.
Use: Apply topically, once or twice daily. For optimal results, use in combination with Guarana exfoliating body soap. Instantly absorbed, does not stain clothing."

Dermatologically tested
Mineral oil/ Silicone/ Propylene glycol/ Ethanolamine free

It is priced 150 ml for 35 Euros.

(Via press release)

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