Lanvin L'Homme Sport (2009): Fronted by Rafael Nadal {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Men's Cologne - Adverts}


As announced previously, Lanvin is counting on the celebrity-recognition effect of world champion Rafael Nadal to promote their new men's scent called L'Homme Sport by Lanvin. It can be hard sometimes for consumers to orient themselves in the maze of L'Homme and Sport-tagged masculine fragrances so it is almost an obligatory step for companies to choose a unique differentiating element in their advertisements, at least....

"Lanvin l'Homme Sport is the manifesto of a manhood full of vitality, expressive of and borne out of an instinctive and aristocratic lightness. The woody aromatic Eau de Cologne is like a concentrate of pure energy: vibrant, fresh; it is a perfume full of texture."

"Lanvin L'Homme Sport ist ein Manifest vitaler Männlichkeit, ausdrucksvoll und geprägt von einer instinktiven, aristokratischen Leichtigkeit. Das aromatisch-holzige Eau de Cologne wirkt wie ein Konzentrat purer Energie - vibrierend, frisch, ein Duft voller Textur."

The cologne opens on a bracing citrusy splash accord with notes of lemon, bergamot, a hint of pepper, and bergamot. The aromatic facet is displayed in the heart with lavender and sage. Finally, the naturally elegant woodsy signature unfolds in the base with notes of patchouli from Indonesia, a wisp of moss and musks.

The bottle benefits from a Soft-Touch-Feeling design.

Lanvin L'Homme Sport launches from April 2009.

Lanvin L'Homme Sport
Eau de Toilette, 100 ml ca. 67,00 Euro*
Eau de Toilette, 50 ml ca. 45,00 Euro*
Eau de Toilette, 30 ml ca. 30,00 Euro*
After-Shave, 100 ml ca. 45,00 Euro*
Shower Gel, 150 ml ca. 20,00 Euro*

Via; image via The Fashion Spot

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