New Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension Mascara (2009)

Givenchy is going to launch an improved version of their already very effective Phenomen'Eyes Mascara launched in 2008, the year of the extraordinary mascaras.

Phenomen' Eyes is one of the best mascaras to be found on the market plus it revolutionized the way you apply the beautifying goo by making you think vertically....

The new mascara which will be available from June 22, 2009 in France is called Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension. The spiky hedgehog brush will not budge nor the length of the stem but the formula was revised to lengthen your lashes even further based on the principle of a stretchable elastic.

The new formula contains an ingredient called stretch wax ("cire stretch" in the French terminonlogy). An "ester quick dry" element was added to help fixate the mascara and make it dry quickly.

The regular line will be offered in black and blue with limited-editions in purple and kaki.

The mascara is priced at 27 € in Europe.

Via Cosmé

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