Le Labo Interview by Doux Me: How Green is Fabrice Penot? & The New 20% Off Recycling Program {Fragrant Reading} {Shopping Tip}

Natural and organic beauty brand Doux Me has an interview with Le Labo fragrances co-founder Fabrice Penot on their green page this month. How green is Fabrice Penot in his personal life and business practices?...
Le Labo owner does not hesitate to describe himself as a "tree hugger". Excerpted from the interview is a passage on perfume,

"First of all, no animal product in all the products that I create. any animal smell is synthetic. Here, I consider the word "green" as general because I don't believe that a real ecological conscience can be built if we neglect all the other living species on earth. Then, all our cleaning products are organic... We ship our perfumes in boxes that we re-use after having received them by suppliers... They are generally a little bit spoilt but we have a beautiful sticker that says that being a "tree hugger" is also part of how we see luxury..."

Le Labo do not want to market their green program out of a fear to appear to be perceived as being opportunistic but be it known that they now offer a 20 % discount on your purchase if you bring your bottle back to any Le Labo counter for recycling.


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