Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci (2009): Another Belle-de-Nuit Sillage {New Perfume}

Ricci-Ricci-Ad.jpgNina Ricci announced that they will introduce a new feminine perfume called Ricci Ricci on August the 24th 2009 in France to be followed by an international roll-out. Like the upcoming Cascade by Chopard to be launched in July 2009, it features a central accord resting on the night bloom Belle-de-Nuit (Mirabilis jalapa L.) which diffuses its scent only from 4 pm until the morn.

There was a Fragonard perfume called Belle de Nuit, but it is not a common floral note in perfumes. All of a sudden and due to the Zeitgeist it seems, you will be able to compare two Belle-de-Nuit compositions within a short span of time (I am precisely on the point of publishing my review of Cascade)...

Ricci Ricci was created by perfumers Aurélien Guichard and Jacques Huclier of Givaudan for whom it reportedly took two years to perfect the perfume. The noses said they put special emphasis on the trail or sillage of the fragrance which is described as being "huge" and symbolized on the advert and the bottle by a shiny ribbon.

"Using these flowers allowed us to create a huge trail with this fragrance," noted Guichard. "We worked very hard to produce this diffusion element, for which you also need top quality ingredients, which Nina Ricci gave us the freedom to use."

The symbolism of the ribbon is also meant to show Nina Ricci's fashion sense. The brand considers Ricci Ricci to be a major launch for them.

The composiiton opens on notes of bergamot and zesty rhubard followed by a floral heart built around the elusive and now almost faddish Belle de Nuit accompanied by Centifolia rose and Indian tuberose before settling down to base notes of patchouli and sandalwood.

Eau de parfum 80 ml : 79 €.
Lait corporel 200 ml : 24 €.
Gel douche 200 ml : 24 €.
Déodorant 150 ml : 24 €.

Via ABC Luxe; The Moodie Report

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