Nivea Natural AKA Pampering Oil: Basic Body Wash for Dry Skins

Nivea is such a global brand that you really need sometimes to track down their products across countries. You have these Asia or Europe exclusives that might just suit you. Nivea Natural Oil is one such product. Fortunately there are e-tailers that import it to the US....

The same product is called more evocatively Nivea Pampering Oil in the UK where the advertising prefers to stress the idea of care over that of nature. In France, they underline the fact that the oils are natural and the sensual pleasure you will derive from its use while in the UK they promise that it will make you "irresistible". It must just speak better to the local consumers. In Germany it keeps the same title Natural Oil but is subtitled Duschöl of course. In the US, the category is filled instead with fragranced cream oil body washes in the Touch-Of series rather than by this more basic and eminently practical product. When in doubt, you can just grab it.

Natural Oil is a body wash based on a formula containing 55% of oils that is great for lathering up without drying your skin. If you know the bestseller L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, it is the same product but without the scent of almonds for about half the price. You know what you can do now if you are looking to reducing your beauty budget or re-allocating resources.

It is very easy to use. It just glides on, which is great for shaving needless to say. The texture initially is oily without being too sticky and it just quickly foams up as soon as water is mixed with it. It is PH neutral and has a deodorizing action. Another thing I appreciate about it is that it is very minimally scented with a vaguely suntanish perfume that quickly evaporates.

Natural Oil is meant for dry skins but I don't see that it needs to be restricted in its usage. It is a very convenient multi-purpose shower oil.

You can find it online at which imports it from Germany. It is priced at $9.99 

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