Usher VIP (2009): Two Words - Empowerment, Seduction {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne} {Celebrity Scent}

Singer Usher will release a new fragrance, a solo men's fragrance this time called VIP. Its aim? To empower, to seduce. End of story. Or rather it sounds like the beginning of an encounter.

"I consider all of my fragrances tools of engagement for seduction -- but this one demands a different type of attention," "That is part of the reason I led with the males only with this one -- it is made for a man but for women to enjoy." [...]...

"I really feel like VIP represents the growth I've had in the last two years. The man that wears this fragrance, hopefully, will go out in the world empowered by what he's wearing."

VIP was composed by perfumer Harry Fremont of Firmenich. The cologne opens on top notes of tangerine, bergamot, kumquat and nutmeg; its middle notes are violet leaf, lotus flower and saffron; base notes are vetiver, oakmoss and suede.

The bottle is meant to replicate the feel of a Cognac bottle and keeps the trademark Usher spinning ring.

Two sizes will be available: 1.7 oz. for $50 and 3.4 oz. for $65


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  1. This cologne smells nice but fades away very quickly. Even if you shower in it. Don't waste your time or money


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