A Young Al Franken Gets a Friendly Olfactory Tip: You Need Heavy Changes Ego Spray {Perfume Images & Adverts}

The new junior senator of Minnesota Al Franken who was a comedian in his previous life played in the movie Tunnel Vision in 1976. In it there is a passage where he pins his difficulties in dating chicks on body odors. Not so, answers his pal. What he really needs is Heavy Changes Ego Spray in 15 varieties: Smart Ass -- Rock Star -- Little Boy -- Biker -- Sensitive Artist -- Bisexual -- Englishman -- Aggressive -- Mama's Boy -- Homosexual -- Certified Public Accountant -- Petulant -- Macho -- Super Macho -- Extra Super Macho.

Nice spoof on the superficial remedy that perfume can represent in some cases. It may mask an odor but not a personality problem. At the same time, it can get fixed with a spritz of the right formula. There is always a better formula somewhere

 (Via Huffington Post)

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