Christian Audigier for Women & for Men (2009) {New Fragrances}


Christian Audigier is going to release their third duo of perfumes after Ed Hardy for Women & Men (2008) and Ed Hardy Love & Luck (2008). The scents are called Christian Audigier for Women and for Men and were inspired by his marriage to wife Ira. Both spouses picked notes that best embodied their partner for themselves: coconut, wild berries and the soft amber of her skin for her and dark rum, leather and vetiver for him. The crowns that decorate the bottles refer to the endearment terms both Audigiers use to address each other, "my queen" and "my king", rather than to the Vera Wang Princess franchise as one might have assumed initially...

The Audigier perfumes are known for their clever sense of packaging and GWP policies.

"Final composition was left to Givaudan perfumers Marypierre Julien for the women's scent and Caroline Sabas for the men's.
Christian Audigier for Women features top notes of blackberry, pomegranate and tangerine; middle notes of coconut, magnolia and orchid; and a base of Indonesian sandalwood, amber and woods.

Christian Audigier for Men features features top notes of blackberry, pomelo, Asian pear and rum; heart notes of cinnamon bark, saffron and orriswood; and a base of vetiver, oakmoss and leather."

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