Davidoff HOT Water for Men (2009) {New Perfume}

The ad features models Alexis Papa and Alyssa Miller

Davidoff, who once was better known for their cigarettes, will release a new flanker to their now classic Cool Water (1988) called Hot Water. There have been other flankers in the past but the name this time is an indication of a direct opposition and contrast.

Caroline Epuran d'Esneval, vice president of marketing for Davidoff at Coty Prestige said,

"Cool Water is about a fresh sensation, whereas Hot Water is about intense and sensual ardent physical passion," "Both depict a strong and powerful masculinity."...
The perfume is said to "warm on the skin" and leave "an addictive trail."

Hot Water was composed by perfumers Domitille Bertier and Olivier Polge of International Fragrances and Flavors (IFF).

The cologne has top notes of red basil, absinthe and wormwood; a heart note of pimento; a base note benzoin Siam.

Expect to see the scent in late August 2009 in Europe and travel retail and in spring 2010 in the US.

The bottle was designed by Raphaël Cloix of ADN Atelier Design; the sides of the flacon offer a tactile effect with the soft-touch black bands.

"The eau de toilette will be available as 60- and 110-ml. sprays, which in the U.K. will be priced at 35 pounds, or $57 at current exchange, and 45 pounds, or $73, respectively. Hot Water's lineup also will include an aftershave lotion, hair and body shampoo and stick deodorant."


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  1. Sears in Canada will carry this flanker starting this fall. I tried it on yesterday and it is "HOT". Really like this one.

    • Yes, Lol, I noticed the capital letters for HOT afterwards and promptly added them as they are obviously part of the message.

      Sounds great! Hot is good even in just the spicy sense.

      The ad is meant to ooze "erotic tension" -- hope that works for everyone

      Chant Wagner
  2. Iam using it now, i like it, girls like it! Perfect

    Johan, Sweden
  3. ive just bought this frangance! and im in love with it, my girl is too, and the other girls as well as my friends and familly!

    I last one was P.R. One Million! and now HOT WATER.

    In my opinion the both are kind similiary...
    but defetenly, Davidoff HOT WATER, its better! maybe its because i just bought.... later i will pass again and tell u about the results!

    From Africa/Mozambique/Maputo


    Bruno M. da Silva

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