Givaudan Innovative Naturals Programme: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Benzoin Explained {Fragrant Reading}

Australian sandalwood by RubyGoes

An article in Special Chem explains the ins and outs of Givaudan's action in the field of sustainable sourcing of naturals as the global demand for eco-conscious, natural perfumes and flavors augment.

"The growing demand for natural ingredients is at odds with the ability of producers to supply raw materials in a sustainable way." [...]...

Collection of Styrax Benzoin (kemanyan) in Indonesia by N.Rio

"One of Givaudan's key pillars is sourcing," explains Hervé Fretay, global marketing director fragrance ingredients, Givaudan. "We want to safeguard the fragile supply chain for naturals to ensure their use in 100 years." He argues the case for using both naturals and synthetics in combination. "Sustainability isn't just about turning to naturals. If an ingredient cannot be naturally sourced in a sustainable way then it would be better to use a synthetic alternative. You cannot just consider the individual parts, but must look at the whole."


It would have been interesting to see oud explained as well as 2009 reveals an influx of this material in perfumery.

Australian sandalwood or Santalum Spicatum has its own network: the Australian Sandalwood Network

Tonka bean also known as Dipteryx Odorata is mainly sourced from Venezuela as mentioned in the article or Nigeria.

Benzoin offers two main varietietals used in perfumery: Styrax Tonkinensis as mentioned in the article and Styrax Benzoin (Sumatra -- see picture above).

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