Ferre In the Mood for Love (2009): Cinematic Ring {New Perfume}

Gianfranco Ferré will launch a new perfume this fall which already comes announced with a certain glam, cinematic ring to it by referencing the cult movie by Wong Kar-wai In The Mood for Love although the only quotes available about the project so far are more business-like in tone rather than cultural. It is also, more culturally put again, the latest jus by perfumer Maurice Roucel of Symrise who as could be expected has inserted his famous magnolia note in the composition. I don't know if the name of the perfume goes beyond a very general familiar-sounding reference to the movie but in Chinese it is originally titled The Time of Flowers. Meanwhile we mostly get a marketing-angle explanation,

"From its joyful title, modern flacon, sunny advertising campaign and fresh juice, the approach with this scent just radiates a positive attitude and prestige,"...

The perfume is said to be a woody and ambery floral. Top notes are tamarind, bergamot, sour orange, magnolia, white rose; middle notes are orange flower, lily, jasmine, red rose, cedarwood; base notes are amber, white musk and sandalwood.

The modern, sculptural flacon is signed by designer Fabien Baron.

"In the Mood for Love, an eau de parfum, comes in three sizes: 30 ml. for $50; 50 ml. for $70, and 100 ml. for $92. The scent will be accompanied by bath and shower gel, 200 ml. for $33; body lotion, 200 ml for $39, and body cream, 200 ml. for $71. All prices are for the U.S."

For a closer look at how the perfume industry is trying to glamorize itself by using references to the milieu of film-making see The Red-Carpet Perfume Trend


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  1. Hmmm..."modern flacon"...looks rather like the Jacomo Silences presentation, just in white and a bit of the top wavily shaved off.

    That said, the notes suggest it could be something I would like...or something like many others...will keep an eye (and nose) out for it. Thanks for the post.


    • I see, now that you have pointed it out, the similarities with Jacomo Silences. But to me, this flacon presents more affinities with cycladic sculpture which is antique but appears very modernist to the modern eye.

      Chant Wagner

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