Fruit Ripening Rack or Winter Tree by Godefroy de Virieu {Shopping Tip}

Do you enjoy the compote-y scent of fruits left to slowly ripe, somewhere, in the kitchen? For those aware of scents, any new, delectable source of olfactory pleasure is to be noted down and potentially improved upon.

Especially, you will say, in the fall and winter when the house tends to turn into a big pomander with more scents being trapped in the warmth of the rooms. It is also the season of baking, scented holiday candles, spicy pot pourris. If you needed any more sensory overload, here is bringing to your attention an adapted version of the traditional fruit ripening rack called clayette in French (pronounced close to clay--yet) that can work both as a design element and a home fragrance device of sorts (that's my take on it).

Imagine this balancing in the air and wafting the scents of maturing fall apples and pears...


Designer Godefroy de Virieu came up with the creative idea of turning the rather self-effaced clayette into a central decoration piece that can by suspended from the ceiling or attached to a wall. It is prettily called here an arbre d'hiver or winter tree. To steer clear of any boring recollection of having had to store your bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, apples or pears onto banal-looking racks, he has used the wooden wedge of chestnut trees to draw a large circle with five or three open racks juxtaposed within it, depending on the model.

The chestnut wood comes from local sources located in the south of Haute-Vienne and the north of Dordogne. The clayette is made by French artisans. The product was designed to be economically sustainable.

I think that this is potentially a great way to get kids more interested in fruits and vegetables. It will also save space and add a touch of contemporary country charm to your surroundings.

There are two sizes availble for 70€ and 52€ (sold out at the moment).

The arbre d'hiver is sold at Botanique Editions

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