Balenciaga Paris EDP: More News {New Perfume}

balenciaga paris ad.jpgBalenciaga decided to launch their new perfume Balenciaga Paris which signs their return to the fragrance world in London yesterday on December 1, 2009. Coty Prestige UK Managing Director Liz Garrett stressed the importance of the event by calling it "The birth of a new house." The new fragrance, a "violet chypre" is presented as the fulfillment of a 10-year-old dream by Balenciaga artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière who had been wanting to rekindle the perfume identity of the brand ever since his first days at the couture house...

Olivier Polge is the perfumer behind the scent. Coty Prestige Senior Vice President Commercial Jean Mortier said,

"The violet was worked as a major note, in a vertical dimension, focusing on the natural, green, fresh aspect of the flower and its leaves,"... "It is unusual in perfumery, [which] usually explores the powdery facets of the violet."

The debut fragrance for Balenciaga in 1947, Le Dix, named after the 10, George V address was also a violet fragrance, classified as an aldehydic violet.

The perfume is positioned in the "upscale designer category."

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg poses in the advertisement shot by Steven Meisel. As is compulsory in adverts now, her appearance has been photoshopped to make her look younger, more classically pretty and cute than she is usually. Ghesquière's muse has been stripped down of some of her interesting, less conventional attributes.

"Balenciaga Paris will be available as a 30ml edp (not in travel retail), a 50ml edp and a 75ml edp. The recommended domestic price points are €57, €75 and €94, respectively. The ancillaries are a 200ml shower gel and 200ml body lotion, priced at €37 and €40. "

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  1. I hope Coty did a better job "juice-wise" with this one than with Chloé. I love Chloé's bottle and ad campaign, but the scent... The baby powder- rose accord could have been great, but personally I find that it smells cheap (even the new intense version).


    • Yes, Chloé does feel like it had to undergo the consequences of an economical budget. If I remember correctly however, I was able to find some saving grace in it. It is difficult these days to know what is supposed to smell cheap and what isn't exactly, especially with the popularization of clean, white, laundromat musks. I have a feeling the industry is pushing some materials that are cheap and trying to make them be perceived as edgy, corresponding to the air of the times. They certainly make sense in the context of the recession.

      Chant Wagner

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