Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait: Oversize This {New Flacon} {Luxury Perfume}

Nasomatto the Italian perfume brand that claims to be the work of a "crazy nose" might finally convince the last of the remaining skeptics that this is not just marketing. Black Afgano, an ink-colored hashish-based fragrance reportedly painstakingly sourced from behind the lines of fire in Afghanistan is now available in an oversized flacon of extrait that seems to be a candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records while appearing to be seen through the eyes of Alice in Wonderland. It is bigger than the 1 L Fontaine Impériale by Guerlain.

Black Afgano is now bottled in a 2 Liter giant incarnation of its own self, with the same burnt oak wood cap, and its new name is Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum 2000 ml...

Alessandro Gualteri the perfumer behind the project said he simply fancied having the object stand in his bathroom (no, really, in the Bathroom? Isn't that supposed to take a toll on fragrances?).  He is quick to claim that it was an inspiration he had on the spur of the moment without any calculated marketing goal in mind.

«J'ai créé ce géant, parce que j'aime l'exagération, jouer avec les proportions, mais surtout parce que j'ai été réellement pris par l'idée d'en avoir un dans ma salle de bain."

"I created this giant because I like exaggeration, playing with proportions, but most of all because the idea of having one in my bathroom really took hold of me."

The Nasomatto Extrait de Parfum 2000 ml (taste the humor: Gualtieri still uses milliliters to speak of his extrait as is traditional) is a special edition available in 20 copies only. A bottle is priced at 3,990€ or about $6000.

Available at Expect a shipping delay of 10 days.

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