Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée No.2 {Fragrance News} {New Packaging}


Thierry Mugler are releasing a new limited-edition repackaging of Angel Eau Sucrée (2014) called Angel Eau Sucrée No.2...

eau_sucree_no_2_packaging.jpg The outer look does not change dramatically and the contents remain the same. It is the flanker to Angel (1992) created in 2014 by nose Dorothée Piot for Robertet. The stripy, fun-fair stylings of the outer box turn a pastel pink while the flacon gets a pinkish cast on these pictures but on others look very much the same as the original bottle.

This ode to sugar and an old cordial still features notes of caramelized meringue served with a red fruit sorbet on a bed of patchouli and vanilla.

Angel fans are known for their loyalty encouraged by a network of workshops.

Via; press release

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